Hello, Welcome to my page!


Through self-exploration methodologies, I aim to produce works that delve into the human consciousness – exploring the psyche. Due to my fascination with the human psyche, I choreograph immersive video installations; manifesting in the form nervous ticks/ behaviour documentation.  Currently studying a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree at Plymouth College of Art, I have exhibited in several locations across the U.K and collaborated with fellow artists. Alongside my interest in psychoanalysis, inspiration also comes from the natural world. Light shadow, texture, form, and repetitive patterns all play a part my  practice.

Exhibitions & Open viewings:

June 2014 | The Artrix Theatre

  • Designed to display the works of all art students studying at North East Worcestershire College


March 2016 | The Kingfisher Centre, Redditch

  • A show that exhibited four artists on the cusp of academic achievement.

May 2016 | The Artrix Theatre

  • An exhibition that displayed the final works of graduating students.


May 2017 | KARST

  • Using the unique space within KARST, the 2nd year Fine Art students presented an open viewing for the public.



Upcoming Event: 


June 2018 | EPOCH

  • A collective exhibition unveiling the final works of students after successfully completing their BA (Hons) Fine Art degree.